2 real


we’ve been quiet for a minute! we’re aware. we’re sorry.

this is generally the part where people say that “life stuff” has been getting in the way but we dont have lives and have actually been spending like. an enormous amount of time working on a slew of projects both large and small for this very blog. the next nebula is like 20-some pages. a weird secret compilation type project thing is like half done. video content is as of recent an option for us. videogame still crackin too. we are very busy specificallytrying to make nice things that we, and ideally, you too will enjoy!

fuck with us, internet

How large are speckled goobs?

larger than you want them to be


main cast



somethings on the horizon


somethings on the horizon

Do you guys have any plans to make speckled goobs prints because I want to buy 'em all and aggressively covet them like a shitty dragon

i cannot stress the extent to which like

uncle nortons speckled goobs influence both our casual conversation and the decisions we make about content on a constant basis

i can promise you these will exist

i will stake my life on it tumblr user etherealskull


we made this

print it out and ball it up and put it in your mouth and suck a bunch of secrets out of it


i just

overwhelmingly disgusted with myself and others